Thy Shall

Thy shall run, 

Where others stop.

Thy shall run, 

Where they fear to walk

Thy shall run,

Where others retire to dross.

Thy shall run,

Where they fear to cross.

Thy Shall pray, 

Where others moan. 

Thy shall pray, 

While others groan.

Thy shall help,

When there is a need. 

Thy shall help,   

While others feed greed.                                               

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Just Like a Prisoner’s Tail,

Who Wants To Set Out Free.

To Go On An Adventurous trail,

To Sit And To Spree.

Just Like A Free Man’s Will

Who Was Prisoner To His Own Habits

To be Scheduled To Think In a Box

To Be Trapped In His Own Gambits


Just like A Free Man’s Prison

Who Cant See It Neither Can Feel

To Follow A Fake Old Mission

To Lie