Don’t you see??

Don’t you believe me ?

I’m way down that that road.

I know what it’s too loose .

The people of your abode.


Don’t you believe me ?

I’m way down that street.

soon becoming the person.

Of our own disbelief.


Don’t you believe me ?

I’m way down that path.

Don’t you see me hurt,

Right in the heart.


Don’t you see my skin,

Painted to hide the scars.

Can’t you see my broken heart,

And the daily battled wars.


Do my emotions mean to you.

Does my hopeless scatter.

Do you mind !!!

Or it just doesn’t matter.



That cloudy evenings.

When winter sheds.

Those easy seeming.

Tough amends.

Those hazy summers.

When the breeze ascends.

Those classy bummers.

False wends.

Those deadly demons.

Which never append.

These Whirly Seasons




Meaning of rend :- Tear To Peices




Thy Shall

Thy shall run, 

Where others stop.

Thy shall run, 

Where they fear to walk

Thy shall run,

Where others retire to dross.

Thy shall run,

Where they fear to cross.

Thy Shall pray, 

Where others moan. 

Thy shall pray, 

While others groan.

Thy shall help,

When there is a need. 

Thy shall help,   

While others feed greed.                                               

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