Cinquain is a 5 line poem that follows a specific format. There are various types of cinquains. Some are created with a number of words or syllables in mind. Another form is created using various parts of speech. 

The Library Chapter 1

There’s a bang on the bench and I woke with that adrenaline rush.”time to close!! Boy” shouted the librarian. This wasn’t the first time this was happening, I still remember the day when he forgot to check the corner of that huge old library where I had fallen asleep. Indeed I was locked in the…

The Man Who Thinks He Can

Thinking” is a poem written by Walter D. Wintle, a poet who lived in the late 19th and early 20th century. Little to nothing is known about any details of his life. “Thinking” is also known as “The Man Who Thinks He Can”.

Not again

time is the biggest paradox ,
we always think about doing too many things when we don’t have time .
and end up wasting it when we do have it.
but now i’m committed to change it


And day by day We walk to it Day by day We run . Year after year It comes too close Year by year Soo soon . Deed after deed We push it Deed by deed We pull . Then Day by day Shall we change Bringing years of change to world. And deed by…

Life like a bike

Me! Bike Road and life Honey ! Money Strife And thrife Money ! Petrol Engine And soul Destination ! Role Purpose And goal Me ! Bike Road And life. Hey guys i tried to do something new. I dont know whether it is known type of poem . Please feel free to comment. And give…


How things tear us apart
Meaning of rend is “Tear To Peices”


Once I met my old bold crush, She was pretty, with her hair well brushed, So I decided to take a vow, To hold her hand and never let her go, As I told you I met her once, Never to see those hair well brushed.

Thy Shall

Thy shall run,  Where others stop. Thy shall run,  Where they fear to walk Thy shall run, Where others retire to dross. Thy shall run, Where they fear to cross. Thy Shall pray,  Where others moan.  Thy shall pray,  While others groan. Thy shall help, When there is a need.  Thy shall help,    While others…


I know I make mistakes, Hurt you in the heart. I know I played wrong stakes, But still You love me and play your part. . I know I did wrong, Played with damned lies with peers But you stood strong. Still Wiping off your tears. . I know you’ll love me Even in the…