This Materialistic World, With Materialistic Men, What good will it avail of me ? An Instrument maybe. With Materialistic Goals, And Materialistic Aims. What good will it serve for thee? An efficient Machine maybe. They said !! That the machines would take over the world. But isn’t it already theirs to be?? We are in […]

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Along the way

When there’s no hope, to do it all And there’s no scope, in trying. Still you shall try, with all your sway. You shall ride ,along the way. . When you are hurt, and tears drop down & you fall appart, due crying Still you shall try and you shall pray. And you shall pass, […]

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More To Be Done

When the sun sets up , And the moon is gone . And i’m awake , Through the sternly storm. From many to choose, He choose this one. And there is lots and lots,  Of work to be done. From the veins of fire, Where rage is sung, From exhausion and satire, There’ more to […]

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His World

Alone he stood, with a friend’s disguise & For her was he willing to die But she twisted him with scampish lies While he concealed his sigh.|| But death wont touch him soon Because he was no scamming prick Righteous for the love and fortune He had love no trick.|| And she payed every single […]

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