The Unsent Letter

Do you remember the days?
When I used to wait for you beside the college gate?
For your class to get over?
For the teacher to ring the bell?

You came with your glittering eyes, freshened by a jolly good night sleep.
You came with your shy face, handcrafted from the clay of the Ganges.
You came with your lips, darkened by the shade of a wild red hibiscus petal.
You came with your skin, soften by the moisture of the Meghalayan rain drop.

So where to today? I asked.
Where ever our wish guides us, you replied.

The relation was unselfish,
The love was beautiful like a fairy tale,
The soul-connection strong.

But suddenly all fell apart one day,
As sudden as a lightning strike.
The sunlight got clouded,
Those glazing eyes now felt hazy, full of pain.

Maybe those feelings are now just words of an empty page in a book.
Maybe our togetherness was never to be.
Maybe destiny meant us to be apart.
Maybe it was just a “fantasy”, failed to be a reality.
Maybe you won’t see this one last ode to you.
Maybe this is an unsent letter to you my love, from me.

Ushnish, The Crown…

Guest writer from No Purpose Club.
Please do follow for more interesting and thrilling posts. 😀

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