Nature’s Wrath

The pain which lies in the God’s reign
The kiss of love in heartbreaking vain
The lashes of terror which turn insane
The callus on feet of nature’s trail

I’ve seen too good this nature’s boon
Now it’s time we suffer it’s deadly vain
We’ve given it enough unjust love
We’ve taken his precious friends

Now it’s time we pay it off
it’s time we go through the similar fate
We choked it with toxins, Soo forth saith

It’s time too choke on similar fate.

26 thoughts on “Nature’s Wrath

  1. I hear you and it’s quite morbid, I believe we need to and can turn this around … but we each need to make effort and make these multi-nationals accountable!

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  2. I completely agree.
    The awareness, revolution starts with an individual, it gets into his family , then the change spreads to it’s surroundings ,to the community .
    And if every individual decided to play his part soon the world can be a better place

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