To Ex…..

All these lies beneath your skin.
Smile’s sharp but the heart’s thin.
I’ve seen many colors and shapes,
Never seen any bitter grapes

You left me! Numb and sore,
I don’t know you, not anymore.
It was you, I never betrayed
All those promises, now strayed

I wish you to be left with ache
Pain’s strength or whatever you make.
Things we had are long lost
Good times are paid by greater cost

All your mistakes will never be soothed.
I was a tree, you were the wood.
I can no longer carry this overwhelming weight, I’ve lost my love, lost my fate

10 thoughts on “To Ex…..

  1. “All your mistakes will be never soothed,i was a tree you were a wood………i have lost my love, lost my fate.”awesome n beautiful weaving in wonderful garland of metaphors.having a little bit touch of pain.Weldon and welcome,dear !!with love.🌹🌹🌹🌹

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