The Academic Book

The Academic book ,

With a drowsy dead Look .

Watched It Wrung And Burn ,

In A Big Old Wok .

burning book

Whenever Riffled to Read ,

I Caught Cold .

My Eye Droped a Bead ,

And I felt clueless like on a Wold .


But Then Comes The Monster Of Boredom

And You Take A Glimpse Of Your Phone.

The Time Which Was Slowing ,

Now Goes Fast On It’s Own .


You Soon Waste Days

And Wasting A Year Is What You Recognize .

But There’s Still Some Time Cause life Is Full Of Surprise.

You Somehow Pass The Year,

With The Power Of Fear ,

And With All The Happiness, ,

The Question Papers You Tear .

But When It’s All Over ,

And You Sit To Study!!

Again You Have To Go Through,

The Academic Book ,

With The Drowsy Dead Look .

And It All Repeats ,

Like It’s A Never Ending Loop !!

……. …………to be continued……………..

©copyright 2017 suyashyewale


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  1. I particularly like this line…”And Wasting A Year Is What You Recognize. ”
    As you say it all repeats like a loop. I think what’s implied in your poem is “A Year” seems to suddenly become Years. Speaking from experience, this is all too true.


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  2. Mark Ryan says:

    Interesting piece, always good to get people thinking. Nicely constructed!

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  3. Fine photos! Thanks for following my blog!

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  4. Vivian Zems says:

    Reminds me of my study days😊

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  5. This was lovely . . . 😊


  6. Vivian Zems says:

    🙂 …all the best!

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  7. Mabel Kwong says:

    Interesting piece and thoughts. Sometimes I find reading tedious…because sometimes words can be hard to understand lol.

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  8. aj vosse says:

    Thanks for following OMBH… I hope you find a smile of seven when you visit! 😉
    (Do please look at the right hand widget bar – there’s links to some of my short stories!)
    Thanks again!! 🙂


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