Life like a bike


Me! Bike
and life

Honey ! Money
And thrife

Money ! Petrol
And soul

Destination ! Role
And goal

Me ! Bike
And life.

Hey guys i tried to do something new.
I dont know whether it is known type of poem .
Please feel free to comment.
And give some feedback for improvement


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  1. Mishike says:

    Its cool

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  2. vabutsy says:

    I think the form works really well with the image — I could feel the turning of the bike’s wheels in your verses.

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  3. michnavs says:

    This is a beautiful form..its like an upbeat music..

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  4. Robert M Richburg says:

    This is interesting. I don’t think I have seen this form before.

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  5. ravendude says:

    Rhyme scheme is fresh…something like a,b,c then d, c, c then e, f, e then e, g, e then a, b, c. I can dig it! Very cool!! Totally artistic: it’s structured and yet appears unstructured, and the rhyme scheme you devised totally holds it all together.

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  6. Suyash says:

    Thankyou soo much


  7. Suyash says:

    Would you like to join the club?

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  8. Suyash says:

    So that I could invite you to the club

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  9. what should i mail you?

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  10. glowofmind says:

    Ah! its lovely, a very different feel to it. short and subtle.

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  11. Oh this was like some phrases describing life beautifyly. Well bone!

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  12. Jerry Peri says:

    It’s nice!

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  13. Suyash says:

    Thank you very much

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  14. ashanair01 says:

    The poem about bike , verses both a fusion of feeling and wheeling. Superb good.

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  15. Suyash says:

    Thank you soo much


  16. I like the pacing and the flow of the lines of the poem 😐


  17. sorry I clicked wrong emoji 😄


  18. I meant to use the 😁 emoji


  19. Really good – simple, sharp and so up-beat — bike, life and journey! 🙂

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