The Library Chapter 1

There’s a bang on the bench and I woke with that adrenaline rush.”time to close!! Boy” shouted the librarian. This wasn’t the first time this was happening, I still remember the day when he forgot to check the corner of that huge old library where I had fallen asleep. Indeed I was locked in the library for the whole night. And my parents have already called 911.

With no food and cell phone dead, there was no way I could have escaped. But that’s when I first saw him. That man with a silly grin, round face, blonde hair,and a built up body, wearing a black long coat with a rough texture. He was not too old but maybe in his mid 40s. I don’t know how he came there, but I was too scared to make a sound. The last thing I knew that he went to the washroom, flushed and never returned.

“Get the ass off the chair boy ! You ain’t staying here again tonight”said the librarian stumbling over me. Soo I immediately got out of the daydream and wrapped all my stuff ,put in the back and stood up just to fall back to my horror,that same old guy from the other night i was thinking off staring right at me, I felt the goosebumps, as if my heart was about to explode.I could feel my pulse, even hear it loud enough. And by the time I reached the door I was completely drenched in sweat



Thanks for reading guys

Pls do coment below.

And tell me what happens next

Cause even I don’t know it yet.


12 thoughts on “The Library Chapter 1

  1. I’m having the same problem; not knowing what’s coming next.
    I started my story ‘2012’ in 2005, writing about the first 40 pages before setting it aside.
    I put another 10 or so down through scribbling in ’06, but never went past that.
    Since I’ve been doing the rewrite this year, I made about those same 50 pages before I got sidetracked, and changed the direction.
    Each subsequent page I’ve posted, I wrote the night or day before its posting, & am at p.111 currently. Because it’s not what I intended for the story to be, I struggle with its direction and essence daily.

    As for yours, there’s a fright within your protagonist. A dark story awaiting to happen, perhaps waiting to be revealed.
    Perhaps the silly grinned man has something to share with your character…something to show him. A place…a time…a dimension?
    Irevuo; Christian Mihai, produces unique stories and situations, besides sharing scores of authors with us. Many of them say it’s okay to start with a blank page and let it flow from there. Other’s like Steinbeck, say it’s important to have an outline, a plan. And Hemingway says each new sentence is as important as the last, balancing the work into fruition. Oh, to be as fortunate as Stephen King, who says he sees the novel in it’s entirety and then writes it down for us to partake from.

    I haven’t read your bio yet, so I do not know your age or history, but I’m guessing youthful from the current production and spellings.
    You’ve chosen a very unique and identifying heading for your blog site; and 52 other’s have said they enjoy this start you’ve shared.
    If I make 53, I pretty sure I won’t be the last. Each story, be it a paragraph or a page, is the beginning of some adventurous endeavor we sometimes go on. I hope you enjoy this one.

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