The Library Chapter 1

There’s a bang on the bench and I woke with that adrenaline rush.”time to close!! Boy” shouted the librarian. This wasn’t the first time this was happening, I still remember the day when he forgot to check the corner of that huge old library where I had fallen asleep. Indeed I was locked in the […]

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I’ve burned the negatives in the fire, I’ve burned the haze for solitude. I’ve realized, There’s no need to colour these people They are their’s to change But let me tell you something They’ll change it one day Just the way you will .

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To Ex…..

All these lies beneath your skin. Smile’s sharp but the heart’s thin. I’ve seen many colors and shapes, Never seen any bitter grapes You left me! Numb and sore, I don’t know you, not anymore. It was you, I never betrayed All those promises, now strayed I wish you to be left with ache Pain’s […]

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Poet & Words

the hardest thing for a poet is to find words   Words don’t just drop out of airThey come and go in shadows.& sometimes they’re lost in eternityLike they were never thereSome benighted beings around just think.It’s easy to write some things.but who can know the poets real blissis just to findthe words for emotions […]

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Cursed Immortality

Maybe being immortal is a curse, life is supposed to be short. To see this world as a shortfall verse, To give and take with a cruel snort. . Maybe being immortal is a curse., To watch loved one die. Till no one else but you remain. Not a person to talk to ,nor to […]

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Life like a bike

Me! Bike Road and life Honey ! Money Strife And thrife Money ! Petrol Engine And soul Destination ! Role Purpose And goal Me ! Bike Road And life. Hey guys i tried to do something new. I dont know whether it is known type of poem . Please feel free to comment. And give […]

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